What Color Should You Paint Your Kitchen?

Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen in 2022

Since 2020, many people have been spending more time in the kitchen. During your daily use, you may have noticed your kitchen could use a fresh paint job. If this is the case, identifying which kitchen paint colors suit your kitchen design is crucial.

Now, here’s where you’d want to speak to an interior designer before seeking painting services for your kitchen.

Remember, it’s best to go in with a few paint colors in mind. Not sure where to begin? Our team prepared a guide to kitchen paint colors that will undoubtedly offer some inspiration.

How To Choose Colors for Your Kitchen

Assuming you are familiar with interior design, you must know that colors are psychological. For instance, a bold color gives more life to an area that does not receive lots of natural light. Using fewer contrasting tones can make small kitchens feel spacious. You’ll want to avoid dark colors if your kitchen is small.

Another thing to note is that colors affect our moods and appetite. Red, yellow, and orange are appetite-boosting colors. In comparison, green and blue do the opposite. As for feelings, here’s how the most common colors used in exterior and interior painting affect us.

  • Red inspires passion
  • Blue produces a calming effect
  • Green is synonymous with nature and may incentivize you to eat healthy foods.
  • Yellow inspires happiness and makes you think of sunshine
  • White and gray evoke feelings of maturity

Here are some valuable tips to help you pick the right paint colors.

1. Take note of your lighting

Lighting affects how your kitchen paint colors will appear. For instance, if you use incandescent lighting, cool tones like blue will make them appear dull. It would help to test the paint colors before using them.

2. Determine your color scheme

Choosing a color scheme is an excellent way to narrow down your final kitchen paint colors. Consider all the other details in your kitchen other than the walls. For instance, if you’ve got bright-colored cabinets and dark lintels. Unless you plan to remodel the entire kitchen, your color scheme should consider these kitchen details.

3. Remember that white doesn’t always go with every color

There’s this common belief that white cabinets blend with every other paint color. Well, this is not the case. Therefore, it is best to understand the undertones before selecting a color to match the existing white paint.

4. Use the kitchen elements to select a color palette

Painting your kitchen walls a similar color to your kitchen island could make the area seem more coordinated. Alternatively, you could pick a paint color from your backslash. You could also pick a color that highlights your metal accents.

Best Kitchen Paint Colors To Consider During Your Next Home Improvement Project

1. Bright white

White is a favorite among homeowners due to its crisp look. It tends to blend with most kitchen units. It also makes the room feel clean and acts as a blank slate, leaving numerous décor options.

It’s also pocket-friendly. Consider an all-white kitchen from the floors to the surfaces for a minimalistic look. Plus, you can go for chrome fittings if you want to create a sleek vibe.

2. Light gray

Light gray is another kitchen paint color that many people can’t get over. It works well with small and large kitchens, and it’s easy to accessorize. It’s also a perfect choice if you wish to introduce contrasting colors. Go for chrome or gold fittings, depending on your style.

3. Dark gray

Dark grays are an excellent choice if you wish to make your space feel more dramatic and even masculine. It works well with lighter or darker cabinetry and is ideal for contemporary kitchen style.

4. Inky blue

This color is also on-trend and not your usual kitchen paint color. It creates a dark vibe that blends perfectly with bronze fittings and lighter-colored units for that balanced contrast.

5. Sage green

This color creates a warm and comforting feel. It matches beautifully with creams and darker browns. We recommend going for lighter-colored wood décor to fit the friendly kitchen vibe.

6. Cream

You can hardly ever go wrong with a classic paint color. Cream paint is a fantastic choice for a traditional setting. What’s more, it doesn’t call attention to stains, so a paint job will last you longer than if you used bright white paint.

7. Bright red

Bright red is a bold color that offers a chance to show your personality. Let’s not forget that this color boosts appetite. It also adds more life to a gloomy kitchen. Consider blending it with stone gray kitchen appliances.

8. Brown

As a neutral color, brown blends well with different colors. It also symbolizes the Earth. Therefore, pairing it with green will create a harmonious natural setting. You could also go for bright colors to create warmth in the room.

9. Bright blues

While blue doesn’t stimulate appetite, it can be a refreshing color. Bright blues like duck egg and bright turquoise create a clean look. Consider pairing with dark accents for a traditional setting and white ones for a contemporary look.

10. Soft yellow

Yellow is yet another traditional color that is an excellent choice for kitchens. It creates an airy and friendly feel. This is ideal for a space that receives little natural light. In addition, it matches a cottage-style kitchen flawlessly.

Yellow kitchen walls blend well with various wood cabinetry. While it may work with white units, consider painting kitchen cabinets muted grays as these colors match perfectly.

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