Protect Exterior Paint: How to Protect Your Home’s Paint Job

Important Tips to Protect Exterior Paint

One way to transform your home and give it an incredible look is by applying a fresh coat of paint. As an unwritten rule, giving your home a facelift needs proper preparation that requires you to make massive investments in buying paint and paying for labor.

Applying a fresh coat of paint enhances not only your property’s outlook but also increases its resale value. Therefore, after making such a huge investment to improve your home, the next task would be how to protect exterior paint and exterior wood.  Your effort and commitment towards maintaining and protecting exterior paint are crucial.

Maintaining the exterior paint will determine the longevity of the paint job. Importantly, it will also determine how you frequently fork out money for subsequent exterior facelifts. Did you know that there are several things you can do to protect exterior paint?

Here are a few tips that will help you protect your exterior walls to maintain their fresh look:

Maintain your gutters

Most homeowners often overlook one of the most important things: the maintenance of gutters and rooftops. As a tip, ensure you regularly remove any debris from rooftops and gutters that may interfere with water flow when it rains. Gutter blockages can potentially destroy paint jobs as the retained water seeps, causing you to incur lots of money when applying fresh coats of paint.

Check for grime in your siding and remove them

Grimes are the particles or elements that deposit themselves on exterior wall surfaces. They arise due to extreme weather conditions, pollination from plants, among other contributing factors. Grime interferes with the external look of buildings, making them lose their attractiveness.

To protect exterior paint, you need to remove grime as soon as possible by using a power wash or vigorously scrubbing the surface to remove the residue. Clearing grime will guarantee you protection from elements of weather and the environment.

Make regular inspections 

The way a vehicle needs servicing and maintenance after a while is the same way your home’s exterior needs regular inspection. Conducting regular checks and maintenance will help you to identify any build-up of unwanted materials and particles affecting the exterior paint project.

During your routine inspections, you need to focus on any signs of color fading, cracking, rusting, and the growth of mold and mildew.  Mold and mildew can significantly cause problems to homeowners. To overcome the challenge of molds, you need to purchase the exterior paint with special chemicals that prevent molds from growing over exterior wall surfaces, such as bleach-based chemicals.

In case of any signs mentioned above, you should plan on how they should be removed to make your paint job long-lasting.

Maintain your greenery

Plants and vegetation near your residential property add aesthetic beauty to your home. When properly maintained, such vegetation brings out shade near your building, therefore, helping to protect your external paint job from damage. However, poorly maintained vegetation that spreads to the exterior walls might damage the paint, leading to massive losses.

Contact a professional painting company

In case you need the services of a professional painting company to add a layer of paint to your home’s exterior, you should endeavor to look for an established company with years of experience. A company that offers high quality services will guarantee and extend the life of your paint house.

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