Painting Melamine Cabinets

Facts That You Must Know For Painting Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

If you had been thinking of painting melamine cabinets and someone told you that’s next to impossible, it’s time to think otherwise. Melamine, one of the commonest choices for kitchen cabinets and storage counters is quite inexpensive and comes with a slick surface, which is indeed difficult to paint (but not impossible). This particle board core comes with a very hard plastic laminate material on the faces. Homeowners and others who often rely on melamine furniture know-how maintaining melamine surfaces is a tricky job, simply for the simple reason that it’s covered in melamine laminate. The melamine resin offers these so-called low-quality materials a somewhat appealing, yet resilient finish.

What Factors to Look for When Painting Melamine Cabinets?

To put it straight, painting melamine cabinets properly means you need to account for two vital factors. The first is how smooth the surface is, and the second is the lack of absorption. It is on account of these two factors that you can adjudge the longevity of the paint, and how it will dry up. Like any other painting job, you just need to start with the preparation well. Of course, added to that is the use of the correct techniques and products, both of which will aid in painting melamine surfaces effortlessly.

What Materials are Commonly Used in Painting Kitchen Melamine Cabinets?

To paint melamine kitchen cabinets, you can use these materials. Since, these cabinets are recognized for chipping, peeling, and falling off frequently, take care to ensure you’re equipped with the exact materials. Here are some of them- bonding primer, tack cloth, deglosser, high-quality bruises, sandpaper, paint made exclusively for laminates and melamine, and add-on drop cloths. After you have accumulated these, then get started with the surface preparation and eventually, painting.

What Steps Must You Take For Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

To obtain the best results for melamine cabinet painting, check to see that you are not merely slapping the paint on the melamine! Remember the more you try to act fast, the longer the project will take.

  • Weigh the potential risks

Few possible health risks have often been linked to melamine dust. So ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area and wear a disposable mask while working with such materials. Instead of brushing or rolling, if you’re starting to paint, get hold of a well-fitted respirator.

  • Get rid of chipped parts

There are a few things that must be fixed before you start the painting job. Try and find a specialized filler, specially customized for melamine. You simply need to apply the filler to chipped areas and then let that dry. Also, you can use a melamine banding and use an iron.

  • Sand the melamine surface

The issue with melamine is that its smoothness prevents it from sticking well. Besides, its nonabsorptive, hence the material fails to penetrate the surface. Ahead of painting melamine cabinets and even doors and drawers, find about 120-grit sandpaper and put Once you’re done sanding the melamine surface, give it a proper wash. In case of any residue or dust remains, then the primer and paint become less effective. You can do vacuuming any dust or loose articles. After that, wipe off the surface using anything soaked in a deglosser. This way, no hidden oil or grime on the surface.

  • Prime the Melamine

Not many might tell you this but priming melamine aids in firm growth and old of the paint. First tins first, use a primer that is best meant for extra smooth surfaces. Second, give the primer the necessary time to dry. Melamine extends its dry times since it doesn’t absorb moisture, like other materials such as wood. So give your primer some more time to dry properly. The only pitfall of this bonding primer is that a rough surface remains at the end. 

  • Painting melamine surfaces

This is the actual step where you need to use the correct paint. While there’s no dearth of paint brands for melamine kitchen cabinets, you need to find the most trustworthy product. Use good quality brushes or any small foam roller, so that the paint is evenly aligned on the surface. And be careful with it, so know what paint to use for melamine kitchen cabinets painting.


Melamine and laminates are often used interchangeably, but the reality is melamine is just a type of laminate. It is manufactured under a very low-pressure system laminate, which makes it less durable.  So painting over melamine is recommended for cabinets. Go for a professional painters st petersburg fl, for all house and exterior painting.