10 Living Room Color Ideas for Your Home

Ten Eye-Catching Living Room Color Ideas To Try

Selecting your living room paint color can be a tad bit confusing, especially if you are talking about Benjamin Moore, which has over 3000 paint colors! In this post, we’ll highlight ten living room color ideas to consider picking for your home. And not to worry, these living room colors will tick every item off your checklist, from functionality to aesthetics.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Living Room Color Schemes

Your ideal living room paint color should ultimately be one you love, which fits your personality and style. Even so, there are several things to bear in mind to ensure it all comes together.


Does your living room get lots of natural light? If so, we recommend going for warm interior painting colors like yellow, beige, and orange. Alternatively, choosing true whites and pale blues could give your living room a crispier look. Also, dark colors work well because there’s little risk of making the room dull due to the natural light.

Living room size

Light colors like whites and creams are your best bet for living room color ideas for a small space. In comparison, if your living room is spacious, any color will do.

The overall room feel

What feeling will your living room wall color exude? Answering this question is crucial when considering living room color ideas. If you wish to make your living room feel calm, it would be wise to go for blue and green color schemes. However, if you want a mix of both eye-catching and relaxing, brighter colors like orange and specific shades of red will do.

Ten Living Room Color Ideas To Spice Up Your Home

Here is a list of ten living room color ideas that will give your interior walls plenty of charisma.

1. Color combinations

Some winning color combinations to try include:

  • Black and white – These two neutrals are an excellent way to give your living room a dramatic feel. Here, we recommend keeping the interior design decorative elements plain, from the rugs to the furniture.
  • Gray and white – This color combination is a classic as it exudes elegance. What’s more, it offers the perfect backdrop, leaving you with countless accessory options.

2. Pastels

Pastels for the living room have recently been on-trend, and with good reason.

  • Pink – Especially when layered with taupes gives your home airiness and a modern feel.
  • Oranges – Colors like light orange paired with a natural teak coffee table is an excellent way to create warmth while injecting your design style.

3. Earth tones

Earth tones are a perfect alternative to neutrals and consist of colors resembling nature.

  • Browns – This living room paint color is ideal for big spaces. Consider adding terracotta brick and potted plants to complete the style.
  • Greens – Greens are ideal for giving your space a cozy feel. This color pairs well with wood accents.

4. Jewel tones

Jewel tones are a bold and foolproof way to add a pop of color to your living space.

  • Emerald green – This color works well in both tiny and large spaces. Plus, it combines perfectly with white accents and stained woods.
  • Violet – This saturated color is a unique choice. Its moody feel makes it the perfect paint color for an accent wall.

5. Blues

There are countless blue living room color ideas for everyone. Lighter shades offer a calm feel, while darker hues are great to evoke a deep feeling.

  • Light blue – This color adds depth to your living space and is a fantastic alternative to off-white.
  • Dark blue – Colors like scotch and navy blue work perfectly as accent walls in tiny spaces. Pairing them with white trims will give your living room a coastal vibe.

6. Yellows

It doesn’t get any more eye-catching than a yellow paint color to spice up your living room.

  • Bright yellow – This warm tone matches other warm colors like creamy whites and peaches.
  • Pale yellow – This color scheme is perfect for Victorian-themed spaces. Consider matching it with teal or deep browns for that festive feel.

7. Grays

You can hardly go wrong with gray walls for your living room.

  • Light gray – Light gray helps to make small spaces feel airy. Consider picking one with a cool undertone if your living room receives plenty of natural light.
  • Dark gray – Go for this color to give your space’s extra dimension and a cozy feel.

8. Whites

Are white walls a great living room color idea? Although some people consider white boring, it is a practical interior color that offers numerous accessory options.

  • Pure white – This all-purpose color helps make your living space appear more extensive and is not restrictive for decorative elements.
  • Off-white – This color also creates the illusion of a bigger space. Furthermore, it works with different interior design styles

9. Neutrals

Fans of minimalistic or monochromatic color schemes live for this shade.

  • Light neutral – Colors like golden tan and greige are ideal for less naturally lit spaces.
  • Dark neutrals – Consider choosing this color if you are working with a large living room.

10. Black

While black paint is not everyone’s cup of tea, it creates a luxurious feel if done right. Consider using ‘cool blacks’ for a classy vibe. In comparison, warm blacks offer an earthy feel and perfectly match wood accents.

Selecting your living room color is no small task, which is why working with professional painters is ideal. At Tampa Bay, we specialize in interior and exterior painting services in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to enhance curb appeal or create a calming feel, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. Our painters in St. Petersburg will meet your home painting needs.