Interior Painting Cost

How to Determine Interior Painting Cost

We spend most of our time inside our house after a day’s work or other activities. Hence, the need to make our house interiors look pleasing to the eyes with a dash of interior paint. When you want to paint them, get an estimate first of the interior painting cost before deciding to start with the project.

Having a rough estimate of the cost will help you to set aside a modest budget for the interior painting service. Although, you have to remember that different professional painters and painting services will provide varying quotes as well. The key here is finding the average pricing for you to make a better decision in terms of selecting which painter or handyman service you will hire to paint the interiors of your house.

Here are some of the common price ranges that a professional painter may provide you, depending on their skills, labor required, and other factors when it comes to house painting.

How Much Does the Average Interior Painting Cost?

One thing to remember about interior painting is that the cost will vary according to the space that needs to get painted. Depending on the preference and painting job required, the painter may quote according to the square foot size of the house, property type, or according to the specific room area that needs interior painting. Let’s get a rundown of the estimated costs.

Per Square Foot

Most painting jobs measure according to the total square footage area to paint. Interior painting will typically have a cost ranging anywhere from $2 to $6 per square foot of painting job.

It will depend on the professional painter providing the service or if you have special instructions for the interior painting of the house. Pricing of more than ten dollars per square foot can be considered way too expensive already.

Property Type

Most houses have an $8,050 charge for interior painting. If you only have an apartment, that will be $3,000. Meanwhile, living in a condo unit will be $4,200.

The pricing considerations according to the type of property varies as each space requires different interior painting needs. A house will need more paint for its interiors than an apartment or a condominium, which only has a few square feet of interior space to paint.

According to the Room

Another would be estimating the cost depending on the type of room to paint. A bedroom will have a $300 to $800 painting cost, while larger bedroom sizes can reach up to a thousand dollars or more.

Living rooms have a higher cost for interior painting. You need to set aside $900 up to $1,700 to paint the interiors of your living space. Kitchens and dining rooms almost have the same price range for interior painting. A bill of $450 to $850 is the typical cost to get your kitchen or dining room to have new paint.

Minor Painting Jobs

There are times when you only need to paint a certain part of your interior. Hallways can cost $440 to $1,340 to paint, while stairways cost between $780 to $1,240, depending on the style, difficulty of the paint job, and other factors.

If you only need to paint your closet, the price can be anywhere from $175 to $315. Although, walk-in closets will have a higher price range. Closets and pantry spaces are not always included in the price quote. The painter may only provide them if you specifically request them. Though most of the time, they are included already in the interior painting cost for an entire room.

Calculating the Cost To Paint the Interior of Your House

Going the DIY Route

You may be tempted to paint the interiors by yourself to save on costs. Although, this doesn’t mean zero cost totally, as you need to spend on painting supplies and materials if you don’t have one yet at home. You also need to factor in the time you’d be spending painting the interiors.

This means calculating how much income is lost from your day job if you were the one to paint the interiors yourself. If you still decide to do a DIY interior painting, make sure that you can do the job properly. Unless you’re confident with your interior painting skills, you also have to consider if there are reworks after painting them yourself.

Hiring Professionals

Professional painters charge usually anywhere between $30 to $60 per hour of painting activity. If your interior painting needs special design requests, expect to pay $75 or more on the hourly labor cost.

Check against other interior painting services to find out which ones provide a lower labor cost. At the same time, you also want to ensure that they provide quality interior painting. Determine if the professional painter can deliver based on the price that you will be paying them to paint the interiors of your house.

Whether you go the DIY route or hire a professional painter, it’s best to get an estimate of how much it will cost you. Despite that, there are still ways you can save on the cost of interior painting.

How Can I Save Money on Interior Painting Costs?

1. Paint Supplies and Equipment

It’s important to estimate first the paint supplies and equipment. Go to different suppliers to see which ones can provide a much lower price for the materials you need to buy. If you have more time, compare different paint supply brands to check which ones are affordable yet high-quality and match your interior painting needs.

2. Determine Which Materials Are Needed

You may not need every painting material that you’re looking forward to buying. Identify which ones are the most important. For example, maybe you don’t need a primer as a coating material. Eliminate them from your list. Check against your list of paint materials to buy which ones are optional and which ones you need to buy.

3. Time and Labor Costs

With most interior painting services giving an hourly price bill, it’s important to know how you can also save on labor costs. You could even help them or have a spare hand to assist in the painting job. This is one of the surefire ways to reduce the labor costs associated with interior painting. Find ways how you can also help in the interior painting activity.

4. Off-Season Painting Job

There is also a season when professional painters do not charge higher, most likely due to the lower demand for their services. This would typically be during the winter when most homeowners don’t decide on any painting activities. Thus, making painters ask for a project quote that can be lower than the average pricing they provide during times that they are busy with various painting jobs.

Tips on Hiring Interior Painting Services

Determine the Preparation Work

Ask how you can prepare your property before the painting job. You may need to remove the old paint, and this one can have an additional cost and schedule. Some painters don’t specifically state this, so it’s important to clarify any preparatory work that will incur more cost.

You’ll have more transparent pricing when you determine if there are any preparation activities needed before painting the interiors. You can adjust your budget and the schedule as well to accommodate the preparatory work like removing and scraping the old paint if it’s required.

Ask for Examples From Previous Jobs

Get an idea of what type of interior painting they have done for their previous clients. You’ll have an idea of the quality of the interior painting by checking samples and reviews. It gives you an idea about their capability in painting the interiors of a house and similar residential properties.

By checking out the reviews and testimonies from previous clients, you can judge if they did an excellent job painting the interiors. Some painters may do spotless work for exteriors yet not so much when it comes to interiors. Thus, ask specifically for similar interior painting jobs, so you can see to it if they can deliver based on your required painting for the house interiors.

Get a Service Quote

Most professional painters are glad to provide you with a price estimate for the paint job. Request for a quote first before deciding to hire them. Having a price quote gives you a ballpark figure on how much budget to allocate for the interior painting job.

Normally, interior painting services will give you a rough estimate of the paint job cost after inspecting the interiors of your house space. At times, especially for online queries, they may base it according to the stated square foot size of the interiors, specified property type, or which room inside your house needs interior painting.

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