Home Paint Selection: How to Choose Colors for Your Home

How to choose the best color to paint your home.

Whether you’re an experienced painter or have never touched a brush in your life, designing an attractive interior paint scheme can be a daunting task. You may even discover that peace of mind is hard to achieve when you’re doing something as simple as choosing the proper colors. To help you get started on your upcoming high-quality paint project, we’ve put together some of our favorite home paint selection tips.

Start with Colors from Fabric

Fabrics can provide you with the perfect springboard to decide which colors will be fitting for your home. After all, you most likely chose your current or future fabric patterns for a reason. If you have different styles and patterns of fabric in each room, then you may want to match these colors accordingly. This is a great way to give each room its own personality.

Colors You Agree On, Colors You Love

If you’re living with a significant other, then you should get colors that you can both agree on. This is, of course, unless only one of you has been put in charge of how everything should look and that decision is perfectly fine with those involved. Just make sure that everyone gets to chime in so that you can avoid any problems or disagreements once the job has been finished.

Match the Home’s Furniture for the Perfect Color

Another popular choice is to match the interior paint with the home’s furniture. In many cases, homeowners are painting their house because they’re planning a full renovation and will also be purchasing new furniture. If this is the case, then it’s a good idea to at least decide on the primary pieces that you’ll be selecting and then match the colors from there.

Evoke a Particular Feeling with Color Selection

It’s no secret certain colors evoke different feelings and emotions. Some paint professionals can even get just a wee bit obsessed with this fact. To give you a couple of examples, social rooms such as living areas and kitchens work well with warm colors while private rooms like home offices and bedrooms are better with cooler hues. Just keep in mind that not all colors will evoke the same feeling to each person.

Always Sample Your Color Options

The worst thing that could happen when you decide to paint the interior of your home is figuring out that you’ve chosen the wrong colors. Although most paint colors aren’t expensive and wasting a can or two won’t cost you much price-wise, it can be extremely inconvenient. You may force to delay your project for days or weeks, so make sure that you’ve selected the right colors.

Get Help from a Consultant or Interior Designer for a Color Palette

When in doubt, consult an expert! Professional painters and consultants should always consider an integral part of the process. This is the best way to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. They’ll be able to assist you with deciding what works and what doesn’t, and will be able to show you samples of other projects that are similar to yours.

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