Cost to paint a room

How Much Will It Cost To Paint A Room

Colors can quickly transform a space. And when it is your living room there is no doubt that a fresh coat of your favorite hue can change the look and feel of the space in an instant. The cost to paint a room varies based on whether you would like to do it yourself or hire professionals for the job. To figure out how much it cost to paint a whole room you have to consider several factors such as the height of the room, the existing colors, the layout, the geographic location, etc. 

The Average Cost To Paint A Room

You must understand that before the paint job. You need to prepare the space by taping the walls and procuring the materials and supplies for the job. The cost to repaint a room can indeed be kept in control if you plan to do it yourself, however, you can save effort and time if you employ professional painters to do the job. The first step to assessing the cost to paint a room is to figure out the length, breadth, and height of the space in square foot metrics. The cost to paint an average room of 400 square feet, for instance, will be $1000 @ $2.5 per square foot. 

A 400-square-foot space would require one gallon of paint, so a do-it-yourself pocket-friendly paint job will cost you below $20. The cost to paint the interior of the house would shoot up in case you hire professionals to do the job. This is because apart from the cost of the materials it involves the cost for a painter to paint a room. The cost to paint the living room and kitchen with low walls and limited trims can be the least expensive if done professionally. For instance, while you cough up an average of $60 – $400 for painting a bathroom. You end up paying about $900 – $1600 for a mid-sized living room.

Factors Affecting The Room Painting Cost

Before making any assumptions about the cost to paint room walls and ceiling it’s important to consider several factors based on which the real cost can be ascertained. 

Lay Out Of The Space 

when you plan to ascertain the average cost to paint a room, consider the height, shape, and features. High ceilings, trims, and tight spaces increase the cost. The wall styles also impact the costs. Heavy texture and wood paneling will require more paint and time and thus the additional cost.

Type of Paint 

there are different qualities and types of paints to consider while ascertaining the cost of painting. The paints are either oil-base or latex-base. The latex-based paints are a tad cheaper than oil-based ones. Latex-based paints are durable and ideal for hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. Oil-base paints although getting chips with time are moisture and water-resistant. Hence these are a better choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 

The look and durability can also affects by the kind of paint finishes that are being use. 

  • A flat paint finish is well suits to dry spaces and costs about $10 – $70 per gallon.
  • The satin and egg-shell paint finishes are durable and cost-efficient and good for all-around purposes.
  • Semi and High-gloss paints are a tad costlier between $12 – $80 per gallon and are best suites for additional features, trims, and baseboards. 

Color Choice

This is the most vital factor that needs to be taken into consideration while figuring out the cost to repaint a room. While repainting if you choose lighter hues over the existing dark shade. The cost will be more since you will require a heavy-duty primer and more coats of paint. You can save costs by choosing a single color for all the rooms. You can buy paints in larger volumes that are cost-saving and there are no left-over paints.

Final Thought

At the very onset of ascertaining the painting costs. You have to take the factors of time, effort, and know-how into consideration. While a DIY can cost you less it is bound to take more time and chances are that the end job would lack finesse. Additionally, you requires to get the appropriate rollers, brushes, trays, and drop clothes for doing the job. You cannot negate the minor repair work like damage texturing, covering nail holes, etc. during the job. If you are looking for a painting company near me then you should hire professional painters St Petersburg Fl.  You need to pay for the paint materials and labor and in return, you get a professional finish without much of a headache.

You are expect to weigh both ends, decide and choose the best option suiting your requirements.