Cost to paint a house

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a House?

House painting has several costs associated with the painting job. While each house is unique, most of the prices are more or less the same. The cost to paint a house is also determined by various factors that impact the pricing. Let’s get into the pricing details when you want to paint your house.

The Average Cost To Paint a House

The cost to paint a house has a national average of around $3,029. This could go lower to $1,771 or even higher up to $4,347. In terms of per square foot costing, they range anywhere from $1.25 to $4.17 per square foot of painting area. The national average comes at around $2.71 per square foot.

A 500-square-foot painting surface of the house will cost around $1,355. If your house is 1,000 square feet, the fee can reach $2,710. Meanwhile, bigger houses – such as those with 4,000 square foot area that needs paint – require you to shell out as much as $10,840.

Another way of calculating the price to paint a house is based on the number of stories. A single-story home may cost $1,355 or up to $4,000. Houses with at least two levels incur a painting cost between $4,000 to $8,000. And, for a multilevel home with three stories, that would have a bill of $8,000 to $10,000 for the house painting job.

This average pricing could still go lower or higher. Various factors affect house painting in St. Petersburg FL. Being in a more expensive neighborhood or geographical area will likewise demand higher charges. Then there’s the exterior material and how accessible it is for a handyman to paint the house.

Aside from the per-square-foot pricing, the labor costs vary from $25 to $100 per hour. Handyman services providing professional painting will have different fees for their service. They will assess your house first and other factors before giving you the labor costs. Depending on the size of the house and ease of access, most professional painters allot 70 – 120 work hours to finish painting a one or two-story house.

Another cost you need to be aware of is the cost of the gallon of paint. One gallon of paint typically costs anywhere from $20 to $80. Although, the advantage of hiring professional painters is they usually get a discount when it comes to purchasing the paint. This, in return, reduces the cost you need to shell out for the gallons of paint you need for the house.

Determining the Cost of Painting a House

1. Size of the House

The first thing to consider is the size of the house being painted, usually calculated on a per square foot basis. It can also be according to the number of stories that the house needs painting.

When a painter sends an initial quote, they will determine first the total square foot size of the house. This is for them to calculate how many gallons of paint they need as well as the estimated number of hours for the handyman labor to finish the painting job.

2. Handyman Costs

You will need the help of a professional painter, an assistant, or an entire crew to do the painting job. The labor costs associated with getting a handyman to paint your house vary according to their skills and services.

Some handyman services may provide you with per-hour pricing to paint a house. Others may already provide you with a one-off payment for the entire painting job for your house. Check which costing option is more favorable for you and works best in your situation.

3. Choice of Paint

There are different types of paint colors and brands that you need to pick for your house. Some paints may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on your preferred paint choice.

Each type of paint has a different purpose and finish. There’s the flat or matte paint if you prefer less shine. Oil paints will need more quantity as they are applied in at least three coats. If you want to prevent rust, anti-corrosive paints are available. You have to inform the handyman about what kind of paint you want to use for your house as there are specific paints for the interior or exterior of the house.

4. Preparation Activities

Before painting your house, the painter or handyman may need to do preparation activities. This can be scraping the old paint or sanding, which adds to the cost to paint a house.

Preparing the surface to get painted requires hours of work. This will depend on the paint application or even how old the paint is. The handyman who will do the prep activity will likely mention this to you as an additional cost for the painting job.

5. Exterior vs Interior Painting

Depending on the painter, they may charge a different cost for painting the exterior and the interior of the house. Usually, this is based on how accessible it is or if there’s difficulty to paint these house areas.

Painting the exterior of the house requires a different type of paint from what you will be using inside the walls of the house. Even in painting the interior, you may need another type of paint for the ceiling. From the type of paint to the accessibility of the painting surface – every cost will be taken into consideration by the handyman.

6. Additional Cost To Paint a House

Other requests or painting jobs not included in the primary service will add up to the house painting cost. You may be requesting a complex painting job that requires more time, skill, and effort to paint on the house.

For additional or special requests, the professional painter will assess first how much it will cost them in terms of tools and labor. They will then be added to the initial price estimate given to you.

House-Painting: How To Save on Handyman Cost

1. Compare Painters

Professional painters have different rates for their service. They may also provide different painting services, use of equipment, tools, and painting methods. To get more value out of hiring a painter, it’s best to compare which among them provides more bang for the buck.

2. DIY Approach

Another approach would be doing the painting job by yourself. Although, this is only applicable for minor painting activities or if you have the skills and ready tools available to paint the house by yourself. If not, you can assist the handyman in painting your house to lessen the need to pay for labor and finish the job faster.

3. Have a Contract Ready

Hiring a handyman service means you need to have a contract ready. Specify the painting job that you require, the duration of the service, and a breakdown of the price to paint a house. This makes the agreement transparent for both parties involved.

How To Get More Value Out of the Cost To Paint a House

1. Request an Estimate

Get them to provide you with a price quote for the painting service. Aside from the fee estimates, you should also ask what are the painting services included. Inquire if there are other fees that you may need to pay aside from what has been stated in their initial quote provided for you.

2. Reviews and References

Check for reviews and ask for references about previous painting jobs that the handyman service had taken on. You can determine the quality of the house painting that they did and other factors of their service that will help you decide on which handyman to hire to paint your house.

3. Warranty and Insurance

Ask about the warranty of their service and what type of insurance policies the handyman has for their painting service. This is to ensure that you have a guarantee in case something unfortunate happens, like an accident or any incident, during the house painting activity.

4. Professional and Knowledgeable

The handyman you will hire to paint your house must ideally be professional, such as being on time for the job and transparent about the costs involved to paint a house. If you ask any questions related to the painting activity, they can provide an answer or even make recommendations that will benefit the painting of your house.

In calculating the house painting cost, it’s best to work with a handyman who is professional in providing the painting service. Tampa Bay Painting Company is one of the pros when it comes to painting a house. They provide value out of the price that you pay for the house painting. You don’t have to worry about exorbitant fees, hidden charges, and whatnot. Tampa Bay Painting Company has an affordable handyman cost for painting a house while making sure that you have beautiful interiors and exteriors without breaking the bank.