What Are the Best Colors to Paint Your Bathroom?

10 Best Bathroom Paint Colors for Your Renovation Project

Bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the home, which is precisely why you should experiment with color. Paint has the power to transform a space and make a small bathroom feel bigger. It can brighten windowless rooms or help you create that dark, moody vibe you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re going for a bright color scheme or looking to create a more subdued, relaxed atmosphere, picking the right bathroom colors doesn’t have to be stressful.

Before you make a decision, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • It pays to take your design aesthetic into consideration. Contemporary styles call for cooler colors, while a cottagecore aesthetic works best with warm, earthy colors.
  • Consider lighting options. If your bathroom doesn’t get enough natural light, you’ll want to choose brighter paint colors to lighten up the room.
  • No matter the color you choose, bathrooms are a space you want to feel clean and fresh, so make sure to take the hue and finish into account.
  • Work with a home improvement contractor experienced in interior painting services.

It’s a good thing there are nearly endless options when it comes to bathroom paint.

Here are some great picks for the best bathroom paint colors.

1. White

You can never go wrong with bright white in a bathroom. It’s a classic bathroom color that works with almost every design aesthetic. Choose a hue that works with your existing fixtures, or better yet, use different “textures” of white to produce contrast and depth.

If a top-to-bottom white bathroom is a little too much for you, consider creating an accent wall. Paint the wall behind the vanity or bathtub a different color like blue, green, or brown to break up the look and create a focal point where the eyes can rest.

2. Make a Gray Statement

A soft, light gray “sweater weather” by Sherwin Williams is a great way to keep things neutral in your powder room. It’s a cool, neutral color that calms the soul when you get the hue right. Dark hues of gray, on the other hand, are often associated with loss and depression because of how dull they can be. If you’d like to infuse a little gray into your bathroom, just make sure to properly accent it with brighter accessories in bold colors.

3. Indigo Blue

Are you bored with neutral spaces? Then bring in a touch of color with indigo blue.

Berrington Blue by Farrow & Ball is a blackened mid-tone blue that can be used to create an enticingly luxurious space for long soaks. For a really striking look, use metallic accents or white cabinetry to create a contrast. In fact, any deep blue color will work as the perfect match for white subway and penny tiles.

4. Think Rich With Burgundy or Plum

Burgundy and plum are not colors you associate with your typical bathroom. That said, they can work wonders in a small bathroom when painted across the walls and door. They give petite bathrooms a sophisticated flair that’s unmatched by any other color.

If you’re hesitant to work with such deep hues, it’s always advisable to work with an interior designer to determine how you can best accessorize your space.

5. Pistachio or Mint Green

Pistachio-colored walls will help you unwind after a long day at work. The great thing about pistachio is the color’s versatility. It can be combined with a great many shades, from white and black for a classic look to brown, red, peach, and burgundy for an inviting retro style.

It also works exceptionally well as an accent color in a dark bathroom. However, you must be careful and ensure the proportions work together as it’s a color that can be easily overwhelmed by colors of a deeper hue.

6. Moody Charcoal

Instead of going colorful and funky, charcoal paint looks subtle and neat. Picture this: an ornate bathroom in a charcoal gray bathroom. It’s anything but boring.

Charcoal is a moody, dramatic alternative to light gray that will give your bathroom a contemporary edge. And it pairs well with crisp whites, metallic accents, and natural wood tones.

You can also go all out with a black accent wall for an extra sophisticated look that will make a statement.

7. Bring in some Yellow

Yellow is another color that works in practically every room. It’s a cheery color that can brighten up even the dullest of bathrooms. When paired with white tiles and appliances, it takes on a sweet, almost retro vibe that will make you feel right at home.

If your bathroom is covered in tile, painting your ceiling yellow or a sunny shade of orange can bring a playful, fun essence into your space.

8. Pick a Purple

If you love contrasting colors, then you absolutely must incorporate purple into your bathroom. Any shade of purple will do, really. It’s an undeniably regal color, especially when used as an accent color.

Opt for violet for a more muted look that’s still chic and sophisticated. Unlike deeper purples, it has a warm gray undertone that keeps things neutral without being bland.

9. Chilled Out Coral

Coral paint is a color that’s both unique and neutral, soft yet bold, all the while being sophisticated enough to add an element of luxury to any bathroom. It’s a pink-orange color that gets its name from the marine invertebrates that decorate the bottom of the sea. As a bathroom paint, it’s fresh, energizing, and feminine, and it works great with light brown cabinetry and gold accents.

10. Nautical Navy

It’s soothing! It’s classic! A little preppy and just the right amount of bougie. Navy blue is a gorgeous bathroom color, especially when paired with crisp white cabinetry and metallic accessories.

It’s a color that hits the spot every time – maybe it’s because it’s the one color that’s as stately, noble, and proud as purple, or perhaps it’s due to the fact it pairs wonderfully with tints of greens, oranges, or reds. Either way, your bathroom deserves it.

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