Our Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

17 Trending Bathroom Paint Colors To Consider

Your bathroom is possible the most important room in your home. There is an endless list of creative features you can add to your bathrooms. Arguably the most important choice for your bathroom are the bathroom paint colors.

If a bathroom makeover isn’t among your current plans, now’s the time to consider a paint job. Think about the best paint color that would suit your bathroom walls. Whether you’re into subdued neutrals or bold hues, there’s always a chic paint color to add flair to your space.

Read along to discover the top 5 best bathroom paint colors that’ll work wonders.

Top 15 Best Bathroom Paint Colors for You

Color #1. Powder Blue

Powder blue showcases best what it means to refresh your traditional cream backdrops. Your bathroom walls are not the only place of color. Use the powder soft blue on your tiles or white cabinetry and make the entire bathroom space your go-to meditation studio.

Color #2. Pistachio

Do you want something different from the usual clinical grays and bright white? Then, a pistachio green will light up your bathroom walls. This fun shade comes with some ‘silent’ vibrancy to energize your bathroom design. The greyed soft green paint is an excellent addition for all bathroom selections, but most compatible with lighter woods.

Color #3. Tan

Here’s the liberty to apply color on your marble floors, tiles, and even walls. The tan paint is a magical blend of neutral shades, including white trim and tan. This is the best paint to tint your walls and create a placid oasis in your bathroom. Enjoy a timeless appeal!

Color #4. Mustard

Mustard adds some cheerfulness to your bath. This pastel shade is versatile and sure to make your bathroom brigh. Whether you’re looking for a golden tone, casual look, or sophisticated styling, this color will work. That said, the shiny hue of mustard blends well with wood accents, creating an earthy visually-appealing color scheme.

Color #5. Lavender

Uncover the gorgeous inspiration of lavender for your bathroom walls. Here’s something to learn from the experts, lavender (in the family of purple color) bounces light around and makes it look more spacious. The paint is suitable for woodworks, walls, and ceilings leaving your bathroom looking clean and luxurious.

Color #6. Dusty Blue

Give your space a dusty blue paint makeover and liven up the bathroom without going overboard. Clean, elegant, and classic; all eyes on the prized space. Its placement on your bathroom tiles is anything but ordinary. Pair the dusty blue paint with crisp white and create some stylish contrast.

Color #7. Griege

A lovely bathroom dazzles in greige paint. This paint gives your space the cozy and relaxing feeling you’ve been longing for. It works best with darker, natural stone tiles like Riverstone, Albacete Ocre, and waterfall grey matt. Greige does it all; from acting as the neutral backdrop or when you need to brighten your white bathrooms.

Color #8. Hunter Green

If your current bathroom walls have green paints and you’re looking to give them a complete makeover, try out the hunter green shade! To achieve a trendier look, try complementing this dark hunter green with a white accent color. This combination leaves your bathroom looking fresh and breezy.

Color #9. Deep Navy

Say you have a preference for something bolder and brighter. The deep navy bathroom paint has got you covered! Deep navy is a good paint color for the bathroom in the right surroundings.

It best fits the setting of a relaxing atmosphere and brings serious ambience to a powder bathroom space. Go for this paint color if all you need is something bolder and brighter.

Color #10. Peachy Pink

Transform your bathroom space while keeping it simple with the peachy pink paint color. A pin shade looks all beautiful and grown-up. Its hue gives some playfulness, while its serious glam touch is what you need for a pretty space.

It’ll take a bold person to make their bathroom peachy pink. But those who choose this paint manage to maintain their bathroom color for many years.

Color #11. Stormy Blue

Looking for the best way to emphasize elegance? Then you should try out the stormy blue bathroom paint! This color shade contrasts well with a copper tub. It resembles the color of water, making your bathroom space feel soothing, evocative, and relaxing.

Color #12. Off White

If you’ve tried out classic gray but it doesn’t make you happy, check out the off-white bathroom paint. The color is more exciting vis-à-vis plain white and will bring warmth to your bathroom without overriding or overpowering it.

Color #13. Periwinkle

From afar, this bathroom paint color shade reflects the shades of purple and light blue. It also seems like a mix of blue and some little purple. Go for periwinkle if you plan to make your bathroom space a calm, soothing space. But if you need a more grown-up choice, choose a less bright shade with a similar touch of blue and purple.

Color #14. Black

You were not expecting this! The black bathroom paint color will add some bold edge to your traditional creamy white subway tiles, especially if you’re also planning to paint the trims. This color is more suitable for smaller bathrooms and shower rooms as it isn’t off-limits.

Color #15. Ink

If you’ve come this far, you are in need of paint color to suit your wallpapered bathroom. It also deserves a refresh, doesn’t it? The ink shade lets you add a rich touch of function to your bathroom walls. But not only the walls; coat your bathroom ceiling with this bold shade and make your space appear larger — it’s indeed a risky shade that’s sure to pay off.

Color #16. Cerulean

Cerulean is a good choice for smaller bathroom spaces. This shade takes you on a beach vacation and leaves you feeling all restful. Its watery blue shade bring to mind the lapping waves along the beach and you’ll feel like you’re near a pool.

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